Zebra Coloring Pages Will Inspire Kids






If you take a deep look at different animals, you would see that some have a little similarity with others and some have a very few difference with   other animals. In same animal , though it is quite natural that similarity can be there , however it is quite difficult to find much similar attributes among different species. Here we are referring to the similar attributes among Zebra and Donkey . if you take a close look at both of them,  you would find that in their physical appearance, both of them are equal and the only difference between them is the shade of the body. For donkey the shade of body is all same and in gray color, however Zebra has different lining design on their body. If your ever ask a child , among Zebra and Donkey , which animal he would like, the definite answer will be Zebra. Children like the colorful lining it has . To provide them what they like most , a beautiful collection of Zebra coloring pages is presented here.

Zebra is a very peace loving animal and even when they are in mobs and in very high quantity , they never use to attack other animals rather they themselves become the victim of many animals like lions etc. they eat grass , drink water and lives in the mobs to keep them save from external threats however , when threat comes from any side, they rarely confront it rather prefer to run away from the scene.

Most of the children like Zebra because of its beautiful outlook and peaceful and harmless nature. Another interesting aspect is its identical physique with donkey.  While coloring with Zebra coloring pages, other then using the pencil colors, it is suggested that  you also use oil and water colors as color filling with them will more appropriate them pencil colors. If you want to have more fun, visit our section of Cow coloring Pages, which will give you more collection of your most liked coloring pages.


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