Transformer Coloring Pages For Cartoon Lovers


With the advancement in the technology and things getting more and more electronic, the mind set of up coming generation is also changing. Now gone are those days when children use to like typical cartoon series on the television and more or less same story with a little change was presented in weekly cartoon series.  With advancement in technology , children’s minds are also getting developed and they like those particular entertainment things which are in relation to today’s technological advancements. One such example is cartoon series Transformers.  In previous years, this cartoon series has got the share of liking from other series and children have developed the tendency towards it. Considering it among the top among children’s liking, number of Transformer coloring pages are being presented to give children a source to spend time away from television , yet satisfying their liking towards their favorite cartoon series.

Transformers is a series comprising of number of electronics robots , having the ability to get transformed into different shapes and devices such as cars, helicopter , trucks etc and also have the ability to fly in the air and reach at different places in a very short span of time. In the series we see that these Transformers are used by some evil forces to fulfill their evil intentions yet there are transformers belonging to good groups who counter them and we find that fights are also an integral part of the story. Transformer coloring pages given here under will provide you an over view of the whole story and will introduce you with all the main characters and their working in the series.

As the graphics used in cartoon making are very perfect and colors are used electronically, in order to make the Transformer coloring pages look close to nature, you must use colors very perfectly i.e. Water or oil colors can be used to make them look as real as they look on the television series. Also have a look at Superman coloring pages to give you more exposure of cartoon coloring pages.


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