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Since the early days in childhood , when children start discovering their surroundings and start to explore new things on land and sky, they get amazed by certain things. The life is all new for them and they start to get acquainted with things around them and with the passage of time, master the basics in life. First they start to experience things within physical reach i.e. things available on earth and once they feel filled with things on land, they start to think about things beyond their physical reach. Stars is no exception and perhaps for children , the most wonderful and admirable thing which is out of their reach. Yet the crave about it and have a very keen desire to know about the reality of the stars. Though , certainly, we too, will not be bringing stars down to earth for the kids, but yet one possible thing out of many can be to bring a beautiful collection of Star coloring pages and Star pictures to satisfy the demand of their coloring needs.

Since the beginning of man kind, human beings have always been craving for more and more knowledge about the universe and those things beyond their reach. When man started to wonder about universe , the most apparent thing was nothing but existence of stars, so they start wondering about stars and started to develop their knowledge and with the passage of time and process of evolution, has been able to discover a lot about them over a period of time. Today, we have some how manage to get little information about stars , galaxies and overall universe.

Stars are far away creatures, and despite of all the technological advancements, still a lot of information is missing about them. For children , the first lesson they learn in the class room is Twinkle Twinkle little Star poem which they sing in their class room and learn it by heart. For kids , one of the unique activities is coloring with Star coloring pages which they can download from our site and share it with their friends in school and parents at home. Both parents and children can have a combine session of doing coloring with these sheets. In addition to these, we suggest that children also use Flower coloring pages on this site where we have collected a beautiful collection for them to color in and have fun with.


Star Playing


Sleepy Star


Star Playing


Cute and little star


Young Star


Beautiful lining Star


Smiling Star with Happiness on face


Six Corner Star



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