Lovely and Cute My Little Pony Coloring Pages



In the early childhood, there are differences between the interests of boys and girls. At one end boys when they are getting older , may like to have guns, yoyo’s etc in their collection of toys whereas girls would rather prefer to go for dolls and other feminine accessories. This is all natural and their isn’t any thing wrong about it if you follow your natural passion and adopt things that comes to you naturally. Also in colors , you would find that female choice is always light colors in which they look more graceful and beautiful while most of the boys would rather prefer dark colors to show their authority and mature attitude. In the early years of their life, girls also use certain things to enhance their cuteness and beautiful looks. Pony is also one of the things they use to make their hair look great . When we talk about ponies , who can forget the name of famous brand My little Pony. Here today , our topic for discussion will be My little Pony coloring pages and coloring in them. We will discuss some facts about them and eventually tell children how they can do effective coloring with these pages.

Right from its introduction back in 1982 , there have been different types of ponies which have been introduced in market under the umbrella of My little Pony . First version was Earth ponies followed by Pegasus ponies and eventually their were Unicorn ponies.  One after the other , all the versions got immense popularity in kids specially girls. Right from the start of their production , My little pony also started to get fame in other parts of the world and kids from all around the world , started to purchase them and show to their friends. In school and along with friends , there has always been one discussion going on about the collection of ponies. Every body wanted to have latest and coolest collection of ponies in the wardrobe.

Often girls used to exchange and share the ponies. By this , they can enjoy using all sort of ponies at economical cost. Other then collecting all the models of My little Pony , the activity children mostly want to get involve in is doing coloring in My Little Pony coloring pages. other pages like Bratz coloring pages can be visited if you want to enjoy more of fabulous coloring activity.


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