King of Jungle Lion coloring pages and pictures for school going Kids


Lion , being considered the king of jungle and most dangerous and beastly animal in the wilds, is also taken as a beautiful and graceful animal. This grace and beauty , we have shown in today’s collection of Lion coloring pages and lion pictures. Lion comes from cat family and it is assumed that perhaps it comes from some modified species of big cats and over a period of time , have developed in lions. There is no confirm information about the origin of lion but most of its population exists in Africa and Kenya.

Though lions are furious beasts, its children are cute and innocent. It is this cuteness from which a lion get transition to a wild animal over a span of 3-4 years.  Lion is not a human friendly animal. There have been few people who have tried over a period of time to tame lions and stay with them for more and more time trying to develop an intimacy which can ensure that the lion does not hurt them however, the research has proved that they are totally unreliable  animals and humans must avoid their exposure no matter how much love or intimacy they show.

Keeping in view the above, despite of going near lions and trying to build intimate relationship with them. For children , we suggest  coloring in Lion coloring pages. in this section , you would find a very unique selection of pages designed keeping in view the children’s love and affection towards lions. Most of the times ,the outer skin of the lion is dark brown and hair are golden, however you may choose colors of your own choice to make the lion coloring pages more unique. Our animal section includes Birds pageswhich will also give satisfaction to the children’s passion towards coloring.


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