Kid’s Favorite Giraffe Coloring Pages



In the world there are many animals’ categories according to physical attributes and capacity. The attitude of different animals is also one of the attributes which counts when it comes to liking and disliking them. For instance Kitten or puppies are associated with innocence and cuteness while at the same time loin, Bear etc are known for their aggressive and barbarian nature. There are very few animals which stand very different from others in size and appearance and due to this factor stand distinguish. Giraffe is such an animal which holds physical attributes which are not found in any other animal and due to this is different in all physical aspects from others. Though it seems identical to the camels, yet its height is much more then camel and physically Giraffe’s are thinner then camels. As today’s subject of discussion is about Giraffe, we would love to bring a new and fresh collection of Giraffe coloring pages for kids, yet it seems necessary to have a look at some of characteristics of the animal for more understanding.

Though in overall weight, they are not light, yet due to excessive height, Giraffe’s often look very thin. They have tall and thin legs which make their height so tall that it becomes very difficult for them to drink and eat some thing from the ground. For this reason they have to depend on leaves of high rise trees and in order to drink water has to bend their legs on opposite side. Watching a Giraffe eating some thing on ground is an interesting experience to see. In their nature, they are considered to be one of the most cool, calm and peace living animals and often prefer not to get involve into fight with other animal. But once they get involve in any fight, they are considered furious and use their long and elastic neck to attack the enemy.

Watching them on the run is also a very interesting experience, though the long legs create hurdle in letting them run fast, yet they have the ability to run at a very rapid speed in comparison to other animals due to their step size. For children of small ages, they stand a source of entertainment and enjoyment in the zoo. Considering the entertainment of children, we have designed a collection of fresh Giraffe coloring pages for kids and to make the collection more colorful pictures have also been included. So have fun and keep on increasing your coloring potential.


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