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Some cartoon series are merely for the sake of entertainment. The purpose behind them is always to provide children entertainment and time pass . A source which can provide children with something to do.  Most of the entertainment children are having is only fun oriented now a days. They just go through it , kill some of time and that’s it. However , there are certain television programs which aim at providing the quality entertainment , while at the same time giving massage and learning for children to enjoy , have fun and get some moral and ethical benefits as well. One such television series is Dora , The Explorer. As the name describes its own self. The series is about a young girl, named Dora , who is out to explore the world and in her way she finds out many hurdles and obstacle which she overcomes by her courage and consistency. Relating our coloring activity with the subject under discussion, let us devote this session of our coloring to Dora Coloring pages.  we will not only include some good selection for kids but also provide some colorful pictures which kids may use as computer wallpapers or take printout for home and school. We definitely will take you towards the coloring activity but lets have a little out look of the cartoon series.

Dora , the young girl is traveling along with her favorite monkey and we see that in every episode , during her travels , she is coming across different riddles which she solve with the help of different techniques.   She also has to solve many puzzles , passing through which many times , she feel a lot of trouble but she stands consistent and does not loose hope as a result of which, her traveling goes on and she keep on exploring new things. Kids learn a lot from television series like Dora The Explorer. They learn how to be consistent in difficult time. How to sustain and fight against difficult circumstances and finally how to keep life going on. For the moment , let us have our coloring activity keep going with Dora coloring pages . Save many copies of the pages provided here and use them in home as well as at school. Also visit Batman pages which gives you more exposure from Batman cartoon series.


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