Interesting and Entertaining Harry Potter Coloring Pages



In today’s technological world, it has become very difficult to keep children engage with books. After they come back from the school , they either want a full time entertainment i.e. watching cartoon movies on television or in the evening want to join their friends in play ground to play different sort of games. Their should be certain activities other then the entertainment , which should keep them attached to the books. Reading different stories or novels can also be a unique idea, but one thing should be kept in mind that whatever , they are reading should be entertaining while at the same time they should learn some thing from it. Among different Novels , Harry Potter has been gaining immense popularity among children. It’s a series on novels written by J.K.Rowling.  The series is about magic and bad intentions of Lord Voldemort. Harry Potter seems to be one of the biggest hurdles in they way . Before we move to the coloring activity with Harry Potter coloring pages, lets first see how this series has got popularity among public specially among children and what is so special in its story which has made it the best selling book series of all times.

The first book of Harry Potter was releases in 1997, with the name of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s  Stone . every single book of the Harry potter basically describe one year in the life of the boy who joins the school of magic after knowing that he has some special attributes associated with magic and witchcraft. With each and every year passing , Harry is passing through different experience and on basis of his ability has been able to overcome on most of the times. Due to its interesting plot, not only that every new novel of the series has been accepted in the market, also children and elders have been anxiously waiting for the next series to come. Here under , keeping in view children’s interest , we have included number of Harry Potter coloring pages which children will enjoy and it will also restore the story of the novel in their minds.


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