Hard Coloring Pages To Check Your Coloring Ability


Learning is a gradual process. The best way of the learning, specially for kids is to start from very basic level, teach gradually and then finally with the passage of time, take them to the absolute level. When education is done through this proper channel, the learning is fun, it does not give child mental pressure and finally whatever he will learn will become a part of his exposure which he will never forget. We always try to apply the same method when it comes to coloring pages, First you go for simple coloring pages, where  children are provided with basic shapes to color in. Once they master to color in the pages, then eventually subjects like Geometry coloring pages are discussed so that they can be able to do the coloring at a higher level and when we see that now the child has the reach the ability where some challenging work can be given to him to check his ability and what he has learned , then we given them Hard coloring pages to color in. it will be here that his ability will be checked as what he has learned over a period of time.

We do not recommend that children who have just started to learn coloring in coloring pages , should be involved in this segment. They should rather first practice on Simple and basic level pages and when their ability gets much higher, they can come up and join the higher level in coloring. In this segment of Hard coloring pages, we have included some difficult  and detailed pages to color in . The lines in the designs are close to each other and there will be a chance that the colors can be intermingle with each other hence deteriorate the coloring page. It is not recommended that you use oil or water color as both of these colors types have the properties of spreading during the process of getting dry.  Use sharp pencil colors but even then, you would need to be very vigilant as this will be test of your ability.

Coloring with Hard coloring pages, though is fun but at the same time, it will test your ability of coloring. If you believe before attempting on these pages , you need some more practice, you may go to some other coloring pages segment on our site and take prints of some Simple coloring page and do the practice and once you feel confident, may return back and do the coloring with Hard coloring pages which will be then a real fun and good time pass for you.


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