Funny And Lively SpongeBob Coloring Pages


There were times when children were too much interested in action series like Superman  and Batman etc, and most of the time, it was considered that only action series with a hero or a heroic team always in pursuit of evil forces , can be able to win the interest of children but over a period of time , it has been proved that cartoon series with other then action but having good stories and proper plot can also be among the favorites of the children. SpongeBob series is among these series. Over a span of time, the cartoon series has managed to overcome other series and specially converted the attention of children from typical action series to other programs.  Today’s segment is about SpongeBob coloring pages and pictures. We have specially designed these pages to match with the events in the cartoon so that while doing coloring with them , children don’t much feel isolated from the cartoon character, rather , there should be a direct linkage between  cartoon series and coloring pages selection.

Before we start our activity, lets first see how the series is different from others, how the idea was generated and why children give so much attention to it. The basic thing that changes the SpongeBob from others , is the location where the proceedings are going on . The story of the series is about a city under the sea where every thing is available to maintain a healthy and prosperous life.  There are educational institutions, health related institutions, stadiums and all other requirements available for the residents of the cities. In every episode of the series , you will find a completely new story , that has no relevance with already past episodes. In some of the episodes , towns and different places have been showed as destroyed but with the new episode going online, the same places come in their original form again.

SpongeBob , over a period of time has got a lot of popularity among children and knowing children’s liking a fresh selection of SpongeBob coloring pages is here for children’s consideration. Enjoy it at home and school and feel free to give your comments at our Contact Us page.


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