Funny and Cute Elmo coloring pages



Among the fans of series Sesame Street, different children have their likings towards different characters. Some may be liking the Big Bird for his cut and funny speeches while others may like some other character due to its certain attributes. Among the most popular character, Elmo has also gained a lot of popularity over the years and is now considered such a character without which Sesame Street is incomplete. Though other character also have cute and funny looks but Elmo’s tone and way of speaking is such innocent that it makes him # 1 choice for most of the kids. During the show , kids always wait for the segment hosted by Elmo and always want more about him. This interest of children has forced us to bring Elmo coloring pages for you along with some of beautiful and cutest pictures of him.

When children were asked what most , they like about him , most of them replied that they like its facial cuteness along with its way of talking. There has been many controversies about Elmo as to why he speaks in Third person language due to which the learners may learn inappropriate English . the people who speaks in favor of him believe that this sort of speech basically is the main characteristic of his character without which it would loose it’s beauty.

Elmo has not only worked in Sesame Street but many other television shows and has got immense popularity not only among children but also elders. In this segment you will find a range of Elmo coloring pages specially designed to describe different characteristics and dimensions of his personality. Parents can accompany their children and should told the children about the history of this cartoon character as since when they have been watching it on television and what sort of changes its character has gone through. This will not increase the knowledge of children but will also give them more fun in coloring. Feel easy to check other collection of coloring pages like Batman coloring pages and Ariel pages to further improve your coloring skills.


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