Flower coloring pages and pictures


Flowers are ultimate gift of nature and hold a lot of importance, if we study their importance in depth. Flowers increase the beauty in nature and a source of entertainment and refreshment. You would have observed that those localities where flowers have been planted ,have much more pleasant atmosphere then those areas where no flower plantation has been done. in this section of pages , you will find some of the most amazing Flower coloring pages and pictures. The purpose behind including the pictures with the coloring pages is to show children a sample for coloring from which they can get inspiration and can jump start their coloring activity. These pictures can also be used as wallpapers for your computer desktop and you can take color prints of them and use them in your room walls as well as bring them to your school and share with friends. These flower coloring pages can be placed on your school activity sheet board where every body will see your collection.

Flowers are not only source of enjoyment and recreation for those children who often visit parks and gardens for playing but they also hold a lot of importance in social manner. Flowers are used in different social occasions and places according to requirement. For instance they are used for decoration in weddings, birthday parties, and other social occasions to make the atmosphere more healthy and pleasant. On certain occasions like Valentines Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s day flowers are used to express love and concern between individuals. On Mothers day often Flower coloring pages are given to mothers by their children as gifts of the day.

Different flowers have different smells. Some people have allergy from smell of flowers and there are a few of them whose pollens can cause flue and influenza in some individuals so you have to keep a close eye on those flowers from whom you have find some repulsion some of the most demanded flowers are Rose, Cherry Blossom, Daffodils, Cornflower, Carnation, Calla lily etc.

Flowers are not only for social and enjoyment purpose but they also have an economic purpose. In many countries of the world , Flower growing is considered as an industry and imports and exports of flowers is considered a very massive business world over. Flowers are also the source of honey. In order to generated honey, first massive amounts of flowers are grown in the country area , and then bee’s are left in the area so they can squeeze the juice from flower and store them in bee houses specially designed for these purpose. Flower coloring pages are fun to enjoy and are source of amusement and pleasure for young kids. You can use them as often as you like and can use multiple coloring options like water color , oil color and pencil colors to make them look different and more near to reality.


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