Feel Fresh and Healthy with Banana Coloring Pages


Among different fruits, Banana is one which is liked by most of the children. Right from the infancy, when a child start eating food other then milk, the first and foremost recommended food is none other then banana. The basic reason behind giving the fruit to infants is its softness and easy digestibility. Due to developing habit of banana eating right from the early age, children develop a natural tendency towards eating it often . there are many ways through which the banana can be taken and most often it is liked to be taken in different shapes. Females at home also try different recipes like Banana Trifle , Milk shakes and Banana cakes. Children love to eat all of them and cannot resist from even eating them on daily basis. If these multiple dishes are not available , they can simply eat them in large quantities.  Today’s session  will be addressing Banana coloring pages which has been designed to add interest and pleasure in their coloring activity however it’s a great idea to have general knowledge and nutritional analysis  of the fruit before we start our coloring.

Banana has many health benefits and according to different medical research done over period of time, it not only has many vitamins and minerals in it but also ingredients which prevent many different diseases.  It contains Potassium , carbohydrates, magnesium  and  many other vitamins essential for maintaining a good balance of all required ingredients in a balanced quantity. It taken regularly , it also supports in physical and mental growth of children. Many body builders and players of hard sports like cycling and football love this food. The basic reason behind is that they can take banana during play time without having the threat of indigestion or vomiting.  Banana is so digestible that even a quick physical activity after eating it does not make you feel heavy . Here, you would find Banana coloring pages and wallpapers which can be utilized at school and at home. Parents should tell about the nutritional benefits to children and make them realize about health they will get from eating these fruits.


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