Excel In Coloring With Rainbow Coloring Pages


After the rain, in the sky, have you ever seen a ray of different colors spread over the clear sky? Did you ever thought what might be and how it is generated and why only after rain at times it becomes visible and why not we see it on regular basis. In this session we shell explain all these factors in some detail however, it is also important that you should know that it is called rainbow and as according to the subject, we have come up to provide kids with Rainbow coloring pages and also you can find some vector rainbow images and Rainbow clip art images to give you guideline as to how you will have to color in these coloring pages.

After raining , with the sky clear and clouds removed from the sky and sun shining , most often is the ideal time when you may see the glimpse of rainbow. Scientifically speaking, rainbow is caused by refraction or dispersion by rain water or any other droplets in the atmosphere. Most often, you see rainbow by chance and cannot find it when you want to find. As it is found rarely on the sky, we have come up with Rainbow coloring pages for kids to color in and use in your homes and schools.

For rainbow, there is a coloring sequence i.e. red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet which means that starting from either side, you will find the same contrast of the colors whenever you will see it. On the clear and clean blue sky, it’s a treat to have a look at rainbow after the rain is finished. Have a look at Winter coloring pages once you are done with Rainbow coloring pages. These all pages are printable and all  you need is a printer and you can take as much prints as you like to enhance your coloring experience.


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