Dull Fall Coloring Pages for Sad Hearted


Certain seasons are associated with certain moods and people . there is a lot of impact of Season on human beings and their attitude. People also have their liking and disliking regarding the season . some people like cold and chilly season where they can most of the time, stay in house and keep themselves away from the burning sun. Others may like to be outside home in open and airy atmosphere to keep themselves fresh.  The same case is with spring and Fall. Overjoyed and cheerful people love to be in Spring whereas people who are dejected and detached from the society , they like Fall because of its sadness and dull texture around. Presenting the kids with Fall coloring pages , does not mean that we want to see them sad , rather the purpose is to make them aware from all seasons and their properties.
Also parents should take the responsibility to describe the properties of different season to the children to make them understand these season well.

Fall can be divided into two portions. It is basically a transitions from winter to summer and summer to winter when the season tends to change and it is neither hot and nor cold weather . Trees start to loose their grip over leaves and they start to fall on ground and everywhere you find nothing , but leaves all around the roads and gardens. Trees start to show entirely different look bereft of leaves and overall weather becomes dull  and drab.  The season of winter has also been associated with many poetic attributes. Most of the poets have been associating their internal feeling with fall when they tend to show the sorrow or misery. Find this beautiful collection of Autumn coloring pages and use them in your school and home however also visiting Spring coloring pages will increase your seasonal coloring exposure to a large extent.



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