Delicious and Juicy Orange coloring pages


Colorful , tasty and juicy are the attributes associated with many fruits however are specially linked with Orange. They look more beautiful when are hung with trees and make the tree look fabulous. The fruit is full of vitamin C and many other vitamins and is considered one of the most healthy foods among all. Its taste is more better when gets ripe. Children love to take orange juice in their break fast and also take it in lunch time as full. It is also used in many dishes which are also liked by children. Though we cannot provide our visitors with bunches of Oranges yet we can provide them Orange coloring pages which they can use at home and at school as per their ease and share them with friends and family.

Before we start the coloring activity , lets discuss some of the facts internationally associated with oranges. This will not only increase the information for kids but also make the coloring activity more enjoyable as children will be having more information about the subject under discussion. Orange are produced in almost all over the world however , Brazil and some Asian countries produce large amounts and it is sent through out the world. In these particular countries orange growing has now become an industry and generates a lot of revenue for them and their countries.

Though oranges are good for health and have many benefits but children should take special care while eating them. Sore and unripe oranges are not recommended for them as these can make you seek and you may caught up with different diseases. Hence take them when they are ripe and fresh and you would get maximum health benefits with maximum taste and enjoyment. Other then orange , also see mouth watering collection of Apple coloring pages and while you do coloring with them don’t forget to read the health benefits with apple which will give you coloring exposure and knowledge at the same time.


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