Beautiful and colorful Butterfly coloring pages and pictures


Colorful, beautiful, cheerful and joy full , these are all things associated with Butterfly. It’s a unique bird like no other and a gift of nature for human beings to see, enjoy and have fun with. One of the most amazing and beautiful creatures of God is Butterfly and surely a favorite of not only children but also elders. Mostly females are considered to be fans of butterfly because it resembles to them. Not only that it is the most beautiful among all the birds, but also the most sensitive and fragile as well. Its so sensitive that even a touch of human hand can destroy its wings. It’s the colorfulness and cuteness associated with butterfly which made it favorite to such an extent that children love to collect butterfly pictures and color in Butterfly coloring pages.

Butterfly adds to the beauty of nature, but unfortunately due to increasing global warming , this bird’s life and existence if getting in danger and through out the world , its population has decreased immensely to such an extent where its existence has gone in danger.  Due to its colorful nature and its soothing effect on human mind , many poets have included it in their poetry. It is considered as an integral part of natures and its reference has been quoted in many romantic novels and films.

For children the most healthy activity is to do coloring in Butterfly coloring pages and collect butterfly pictures. Then they can either place them in their room walls or can place it on the activity board in their school. Children should share their collection of butterfly coloring pages with parents in home and with their friends in school. This will enable them to make their work more better because when two or more people sit together and share their ideas, the knowledge of both the people get combined and increase the knowledge of both. In order to expand your coloring horizon , do visit our other pages related with nature like rose coloring pages which also includes a variety of lovely rose pictures to increase your exposure in coloring and drawing.


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