Batman coloring pages for Kids Inspiration



Since the arrival of Superman series, though children liked it a lot , however when the series got too prolonged , they started to loose their attention due to the monotonousness in the cartoon series. At that time the need was to bring some change while staying in the same action like style which was being liked by children. Batman series was then launch in order to further add up spice for young kids, though based on the same idea of a  hero who use to fight criminals and have a resolve to make life of general public more peaceful and in order to do this , he is always on the move in search of evil to find it and destroy. Children , who were getting bored by not having any thing new in action series, started to enjoy this new cartoon series and after some years , it even got more popularity then any other cartoon series. Considering their liking for Batman, we have included number of coloring pages, wallpapers,  and pictures for them to utilize. Elders may join kids to guide them how to do the coloring in pages.  the creativity of children , however ,  is more polished once they are asked to do it themselves and then with multiple copies of same page , try to color it more appropriate and beautiful.

Story of Batman has been made in a very interesting manner. The hero of the movie is no ordinary man . He is a business man and has a lot of wealth in hand. Despite of getting involved into a life of luxury and enjoyment, he gets training in fighting and makes himself so strong to fight the evil. The basic motivation behind all his act was the killing of his parents by criminals. Though he earned a lot of money being a business man, yet could never forget what happened to his parents. Having this motivation in the mind, he decided that he will not let any criminal live on the planet ant thus fights against criminals and in every episode we see that how he utilize his training and become a savior of general public. The basic purpose of making such movies is not only that kids should have a pass time in which they can watch television and enjoy the movie but also to bring energy and inspiration in them to have a strong will to fight against evil. While you will be doing coloring with Batman coloring pages, it will also generate energy in you to fight evil. Do give us feed back on our Contact Us page as to how you felt about the coloring activity in this session.


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