A for Apple coloring pages and sheets


Talking about foods, different people have likings and disliking. Some are vegetarians while other are found of eating meat and sea food. What ever the liking may be, one thing should be kept in mind that  food should be taken in moderate manner i.e. it should be a mix of fruits , meet and vegetables to ensure that all necessary nutrition is being taken and all requirements  are being fulfilled. Most of the people don’t give much attention to this very important rule and neglect the intake of vegetables and fruits and hence have to face weakness and other diseases. In children, it becomes very difficult to manage proper diet for them because they want to spend most of the time in play and even with force , don’t get ready to take proper diet. The solution is simple. Their diet should be balanced with fruits in order to fulfill the demands. When talk about fruits , which fruit can be more demanding and liked then apple for children. They cannot resist against it and can even leaving playing to have a bite of it. Also they love to do the coloring activity with Apple coloring pages and love to hang apple pictures and posters in their rooms.

Lets have a little discussion on nutrition of Apple. It is often said that those who take an apple a day, keep doctor away from them. The reason behind it is that it hold multiple vitamins and specially Iron, which gives strength and increase the immunity to fight against many diseases. Besides the nutrition, for children , it is a colorful and tasty fruit which is available through out the year . Though there are different types of apples but red apple is considered the best quality and it has a distinguished taste which makes even more better then other forms.

Here we are providing some Apple coloring pages , which have been selected keeping in view children’s liking. As most of the time , apple comes in red, yellow or green color , the same colors are suggested to be filled in the coloring pages to keep them near reality. A competition may be held among students regarding doing the best color in pages. when done with coloring in Apple coloring pages, you may also visit other collection where you may like to color in Fruits coloring pages which is also a very beautiful collection and you would love to do the activity with them as well.


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